Below are some ideas for projects, research and blog posts.

When I find time, I might work on those. I guess this is like a public to-do

- Interactive AES key schedule
- Bigint header-only library generator for C
- End-to-end encrypted messaging app with onion routing
- C or Python driver for the Saleae logic analyzer without using Logic 2
- Replicate Instagram filters with Neural Networks
- CSS minifier
- Markup format for quick slideshows, a level above `Sent`
- Rewrite my HTML minifier from Python to C
- Command-line application to update stream title on Twitch
- IPFS music player
- HTTP proxy for various protocols
- Local Mastodon / ActivityPub client
- Minimal TLS implementation
- Complete the SQLite file reader
- Headless browser that keeps a DOM in memory
- Assembler for an architecture
- Saltybet ELO calculator blog post
- Robot mapping
- VCard manager
- Istanbul traffic data analysis project
- Small browser with GTK
- FM modulation
- XML to slideshow with XSLT
- TCL interpreter
- Firefox text/gemini renderer
- Gemini pagerank