Below are some ideas for projects, research and blog posts. When I find time, I might work on those.

Blog Post Ideas

  • SQLite file reader
  • Replicate Instagram filters with Neural Networks
  • Local Mastodon client
  • XSLT -> XML to slideshow
  • Saltybet ELO calculator
  • Signal modulation
  • Robot mapping

Programming Projects

  • Do a cool project with Istanbul traffic data. This is already being collected through the API. A cool project idea might be forecasting it.
  • TCL interpreter
  • Minimal TLS implementation
    • Some protocols (like Gemini) require the use of TLS.
  • Headless browser
    • Parse HTML properly into an in-memory structure and implement the DOM API.
    • Expose this to be used with scrapers and command line clients.
  • IPFS music player
    • Simple plaintext playlist format. Perhaps PLS?
  • VCard manager
    • Small utility to create/read/edit VCard contacts from a folder.

Small internet

  • HTTP proxy for various protocols
  • Small browser with GTK
  • Gemini pagerank
  • Firefox text/gemini renderer