I've been listening to SomaFM on and off for almost 10 years. In this
time I've used various methods to listen; from their web player to
shell scripts that run mplayer with their station URLs.

I wanted to make a bite-sized project that involved making a GUI
appplication for Linux, so I thought "why not a SomaFM player?". For
the GUI library, I picked PySimpleGUI. It seems to be a wrapper around

=> https://github.com/PySimpleGUI/PySimpleGUI

Since I wanted to do it properly, nothing was hard-coded. I used the
SomaFM API at https://somafm.com/channels.xml. This URL provides
up-to-date information about all of their stations; station and DJ
names, currently playing songs, listener counts and URLs that can be
used to listen live.

The player supports multiple "backends" for playing audio. The
following commands are tried in this order, before giving up.

* mpv --no-video $URL
* ffplay -nodisp $URL
* clvc $URL
* vlc $URL

Since ffplay comes with ffmpeg, I imagine this will cover a large range
of distros that can use this application.

You can find the code at this URL.

=> https://github.com/gkbrk/scripts/blob/master/somafm.py