There are a lot of search engines, with more coming online every day. This is a list of search engines that I’ve come across, and some information about them that I found interesting.

Summary table

Name Website Own crawler Open source
Kagi Yes No
DuckDuckGo,, No No
Brave Search Yes No
LeoSearch Yes No
Wiby Yes Yes
Google Yes No
Bing Yes No
Mojeek Yes No
Marginalia Search Yes Yes
Google dataset search No No

Marginalia Search

Marginalia Search is an independent search engine with its own crawler. It focuses on searching the small web, and filtering out advertisement-heavy or otherwise low-quality websites.

The search engine is open source, you can find the source code here.

Google dataset search

Google dataset search is a search engine that indexes datasets. It is not a general purpose search engine, but it is useful for finding datasets.