HackRF One is an open-source Software-defined radio device produced by Great Scott Gadgets. It is capable of receiving and transmitting between 1 MHz and 6 GHz. This page contains my notes about the device.

Interfacing with the device


There is a software library called libhackrf that can be used to interface with the device. It is also supported by SoapySDR, a library that serves as an abstraction over different SDR hardware.


For small projects, the way I prefer to interface with the device is through the built-in hackrf_transfer tool that comes with the driver. This tool is capable of receiving and transmitting I/Q samples.

The tool uses a common binary format to transfer the I/Q samples. Alternating I and Q samples are transmitted as 8-bit signed integers.


Replaying signals

Replaying a signal is like the “Hello, World!” of HackRF. Using the hackrf_transfer tool mentioned above, you can record samples around a center frequency, and play them back on the same frequency.

Transmit NFM audio

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