Cardinal kernel


Cardinal is an operating system kernel I am developing in C++. It’s my hobby OSDev project.

At this point, it is not even close to feature-complete. I mostly use it as a testbed to try out interesting ideas.

The kernel is developed for the x86 architecture. For now, no other architectures are planned due to the lack of manpower. High-priority targets would be x86_64 and ARM, if we end up supporting multiple platforms.

Main features

While it’s not feature-complete enough to do useful things yet, it’s not completely empty either. Here are the main features of the kernel.


I am trying to keep the commit log in a decent state, with atomic commits and detailed descriptions. While not a full substitute for a full changelog, it should make it possible to keep track of what is happening on the kernel.

In the future, I’ll probably write a script to generate a changelog file from the commit logs.


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