Info This is an old essay I wrote for school back in 2012. In fact, it is so old that the original file was a .RTF.

Technology affected the types of our relationships in many ways. One of them is Facebook, which some people call a social network but I prefer to call it “an anti-social network”. Before Facebook, people used to hang out with each other to know them, but now they just check his or her Facebook profile to know what they like, which school do they go to etc. And because it is easy to know everything about them with the click of a mouse, nobody wants to spend hours trying know someone.

But the thing they have no idea about is that most people aren’t the ones you see in their online profiles. They are just trying to be that person but in real life they are totally different. They would not agree but they are just trying to be cool online, which they think they can’t do without Facebook.

Also some people are trying make friends online instead of going out and making friends with the people from the places they hang out in. And as they keep doing this they are forgetting about socializing and if they go on this way they won’t find anyone to talk. And not talking with anyone is the first reason of depression and other psychological problems.

Facebook may be one of the best ways to talk with your friend in remote countries or finding your old friends for example from the school or maybe just for keeping in contact with the new people you met but it cannot be a replica for speaking to each other. Speaking face to face is the best way to build relationships and probably the best way to express your feelings.

To conclude; I would like to say Facebook is a useful thing for socializing but overusing it should be avoided. You shouldn’t see it as an alternative to talking. Go and become friends with people in real life, not online.